The Microsoft/Netflix Marriage - Coming Soon to a Windows Mobile phone near you?

Netflix's Watch Instantly first came to the Windows PC, and then to the Xbox. And, apparently Netflix loves being in bed with Microsoft so much they decided to scrap their existing online movie player in favor of one based on Silverlight. If you want to try the new Beta player, check this link out:

How long till we see a player for Windows Mobile? I made an offhand prediction a while ago that we'd see Netflix on Windows Mobile phones within the year. A Silverlight implementation may make it that much more of a reality...


Jared Parsons said...

I recently started using Netflix on my XBox 360 and it rocks. No lag whatsoever and I've experienced lag on other systems.

It still is a bit annoying that I have to queue up the requests on my computer. Also that the watch now selection is so much smaller than their full library. But hopefully these will get better with time.