Building Mono using the Android NDK

I finally got around to looking at the Android NDK yesterday. It is basically a subset of the Android Source build environment, but it has all the bits necessary to compile Mono. It only took a bit of finagling with the to make everything work right. Building for Android is pretty easy now; the longest part is actually downloading and building the mcs assemblies. There’s a script to handle that though.

The androidmono repository has updated instructions.

Mono 2.5 for Android Released

On and off over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on getting the Mono 2.6 branch, and its super awesome soft debugger, working on Android. I’ve also spent some time documenting and cleaning up the currently horrendous build process involved (I was really the only one that knew how to do it). Anyways, the Android Market now has the current 2.6 branch of Mono available for download (2.6 is not complete yet, hence the reason I am referring to it at 2.5). This release supports Cupcake, Donut, and Eclair!

The project is hosted on Github in the androidmono repository.

For those interested in building/hacking this themselves, here are the instructions: