Build Configuration for the HTC Magic


A few days ago, I released build scripts that would allow developers to make images that target the T-Mobile MyTouch. I finally got a hold of a regular Magic (a Sapphire 32A) and have created a corresponding project to support building for this device. So, this will now work:

. build/
lunch htc_magic-eng

Please note the instructions regarding cherry-picking certain changes from Donut into your Android repository. The Sapphire 32A uses HTC’s kernel offsets in the boot.img, and not Google’s. Without those changes, your phone will not boot.

Build Configuration for the T-Mobile MyTouch


The HTC Dream is the only supported Android development device. But, it is possible to do development on other devices, by cannibalizing the various drivers that you can find on them. This usually involves modifying/repacking an official However, with a little work, it is possible to use the Android build system to create legitimate fastboot images!

After following the instructions to retrieve the MyTouch build configuration and extracting the proprietary bits from a running device, you can do the following to build images for the MyTouch:

. build/
lunch htc_mytouch-eng

There is also a mkupdatezip script available in the Downloads section of the repository to assist in creating files as well!

The images will then be found in out/target/product/mytouch-open. A build configuration for the Magic will be coming soon! (It is the same board as the MyTouch, a Sapphire, but different enough to need a separate config.)


The general process in creating this board makefile was basically the following:

  1. Start with the Dream build config (dream-open).
  2. Extract the kernel from a running device and replace it.
  3. Modify the script to adb pull the correct proprietary files.
  4. Modify the .mk files to reference the proper proprietary files.
  5. Grab the wlan.ko off the device and replace the one at the repository root.



I got a recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for my work over the past year and a half with Windows Mobile. I get access to lots of super awesome benefits, juicy gossip, and top secret NDA stuff! Cool!