New ROM Manager Feature - Web Connect

Some people really prefer to browse a forum and learn about a ROM before downloading it. And some developers don't want to go through the trouble of maintaining a ROM Manifest.

What if you could click a link on a forum, in your computer's browser, and it started downloading the ROM... on your phone? Introducing ROM Manager's latest and greatest Premium feature: Web Connect.

Enough talking about it. Let's try it! You must have Froyo!

  1. Get the newest ROM Manager (at least
  2. Click the Menu button and click Web Connect to do your one-time setup.
  3. Choose the Google account you are normally logged in with on your computer.
  4. Done!

Now, click this link on your computer to download Superuser... onto your phone:

Cool huh? You a developer and want to add support? Use the following to get a link set up to your ROM using Web Connect!