Hyper-V + Aero = Poor System Performance

Just a heads up. I ran into this issue earlier this year while setting up the Hyper-V Release Candidate, and just ran into it again on the RTM version (due to my short memory). If you are using Hyper-V and decide to enable Aero, your host system performance will slow to a complete crawl. Especially while doing anything video or graphics intensive: moving windows, watching movies, opening pictures, etc.

I ended up uninstalling Hyper-V from my desktop and moving the VM to a dedicated Hyper-V server... What can I say? I like Aero.

More information about the Hyper-V performance bug can be found here.


Anonymous said...

It's only a problem with Nvidia hardware. If you use the Microsoft drivers for your video card, the issue will go away.

Koush said...

Ahh, thanks! I noticed it wasn't happening upon a fresh install (when the default MS drivers are there).

But right after a fresh install, I grab all the Windows and drivers updates immediately, so I couldn't chalk up the issue to any one suspect.

Unfortunately Hyper-V doesn't support USB pass through to guests, so I need to run VMWare. And Hyper-V and VMWare can't coexist on the same host...