Update to Superuser is now compatible with all Android Applications

Edit: Supersuer is no longer on the Market. It is now a part of JesusFreke's rooted G1 images!

I've updated Superuser to work seamlessly with any application that may need access to su: when those application attempt to execute su, the user will see the following:


You will see the User ID, and any processes associated with that uid. Selecting yes will allow that uid to execute su once, while selecting always will put it on a permanent white list.

Get it off the Android Market, or download it directly.

Installation instructions are straightforward, simply install Superuser and it will take care of updating your system files and closing the security hole. If installation fails. Use the direct download and follow the instructions below:

  • Make sure you have the adb tool from the SDK.
  • Unzip the ZIP file (it will create a folder called Superuser).
  • Run install.bat (or install.sh if you are on Linux) from the Superuser directory.


DarkriftX said...

Awesome, but I noticed it does not persist after reboot. Is that something you can fix? Would be great if you can. also, wondering if you mind me posting this on my site (android-dls.com) (with a link back to your site of course).

Koush said...

What does not persist after reboot?

DeeDeND said...

But I no longer find it on the market!!!

τοιιιιη said...

thx for the apps.
can u provide any instructions on how to reinstall the program, the script get failure at uninstall, and cannot install either prompting that file already exists.

Anand J said...

I think with the unrEVOked 's latest rooting guide one doesnt need to download and install this application .. i just rooted my Desire today and the SuperUser app is already there..
Kindly enlighten with your views.