Klaxon - Samsung Light Sensor Update


  • Updated Klaxon to support Samsung's Light Sensor
  • Fixed issue with device not waking up from sleep to sound alarm.

Here's the download!


DAFY said...

Hi sorry for my english


can you integrade klaxon with samsung taday 2 scren ?

Anonymous said...

plz for glofiish x900 (g-sensor / light sensor)

Jorg said...

Klaxon rules!

Something is fishy with this new version though... Whenever I snooze the alarm with the snooze button on the alarm screen, the device vibrates three times and the alarm is shut off completely.
This is with the 'Turn off screen while snoozing' option on. When I disable the setting, it works just fine.

Hope the above will help you make this great app even better!

Anonymous said...

It is very nice alarm clock. It works perfectly on my Omnia.
I have one question:
When the alarm is snoozed, and my phone is turned down lcd to the table , it does not start after snoozed. If my phone is tutned up after snoozing all is right.
Is it correct? It would be better when alarm will start after snoozed even if phone is turned down.

golightlygl said...

Cool program but currently unusable for two reasons:

1) The alarm will not wake from sleep (yes, I'm using (I'm using a Touch HD with standrad UK ROM).

2) The AM/PM switch does not stick so all alarms get set for AM (I have my regional settings set for 12 hour clock).

Also, it would seem to be more WM 6.1 friendly if one could toggle the alarm on/of by touching and holding it, rather than "editing" it.

Can't wait for the enxt version.

romeouald said...

with this version the flip to snooze doesnt work on touch hd and touch diamond...with one of the previous versions it worked fine (it was before the icon change, but unfortunately i dont know the ver number)

lhlim said...

I've been using Klaxon on my SE X1 for the last 6 months and love it. However, I recently upgraded my X1 firmware, reinstalled Klaxon and now I cannot add any new alarm. It goes through the motion but the alarm never gets added, so it is unusable. I have it installed on the device (not card), so it should be working fine.

I still think Klaxon is the best and would hate having to replace it with something less cool. Any tips appreciated.


Ryan said...

i'm trying to figure out if and how this can be added to my blackberry. i'm a little slow i think...
this was suggested by a blogger and it's driving me crazy trying to figure out how to add the app...
thanks, ryan

Anonymous said...

Love it, but:

1. Sometimes, when alarm off, reminder sound rings. :/

2. Need to unlock the screen to see the application.

Using HTC HD2 with 1.48 Europe firmware. No Sunnysoft InterWrite Pro or similar software installed. Pure HTC ROM + all hotfixes. Sorry for my english...

Sudipto Rakshit said...

Nice work.. really helped me out. This was something WM did require..

Mike said...

would be nice if you could put a scroll bar so you can have and access more than 6 alarms.

or maybe there is one, but my HD2 with stock 1.72 rom can't see one if there is, and there is no way to scroll down via dragging.

other than that, great app and thanks.