Sensory Overload for the Samsung Omnia


After fixing up the OpenGL ES wrapper to work with Vincent 3D, porting this game to the Omnia was simply a recompile!

Since the Omnia does not have a "Nav" wheel, click the center button to shoot a bullet, and "swipe" it to use the special spray attack. Just a reminder this isn't meant to be a full featured game, just a demo on how to write 3D games. :)

Sensory Overload CAB file.

Source code to Sensory Overload.


arun said...


Rodrigo said...

Great Blog!
Thanks to your site I'm motivated to start developing for Windows Mobile...
Do you think that it's possible to adapt the emulator pocketsnes to the omnia?

Anonymous said...

THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

there are so few developers working for the omnia.Thankyou!!
Wish I could get lightsaber for my omnia :(

Brad said...

Awesome man, thanks heaps :D

Nick said...


Is there a version for Touch HD? There is no nav sensor so impossible to fire at the moment.

If not, I'll have a go at changing the code to use other buttons.

technophobia said...

Thank you so much ^_^ Dhanyavaad!!! ^_^

so few programmers are creating apps fro winmobile...for free =P

Fabien said...

Hey, thanks for this new sample, works pretty well.

Though, I'm wondering why you stuck on OGLES on Omnia, since you have to use a soft-accelerated driver for that (thus way slower than any 3d application using D3DM, even if the functionnalities are damn poor) ?