Looking for someone to design a new skin for Klaxon! (and more bug fixes)

Been really busy as of late with a new project, but not too busy to fix some more bugs in Klaxon.


  • Removed the upper right default "ok" button from the OpenFileDialog. This prevents users from hitting Ok and closing the dialog when no file has been selected.
  • Reverted previous change to "dismiss" Windows alarms. This was causing issues on mine and other devices in that the Klaxon Alarm would never show up. In its place, Klaxon now prevents Windows Alarms from flashing, playing sound, or vibrating. The notification will still show up, but at least not it is completely benign.
  • You can no longer hit the Off or Snooze buttons while the phone's screen is powered off.
  • Klaxon will no longer start the OpenFileDialog in the Windows directory to prevent the device from hanging while all the files are listed.
  • Fixed Daylight Savings Bug!

I'm also looking for someone to design a skin or two for Klaxon, as well as a new icon! Please contact me if you are interested!

Download here.


Richy said...

I am interested in creating a skin for klaxon. other than leaving this comment i'm not sure how else to contact you. whats the best way?

Koush said...

Hmm, the email link in my blog seems to have disappeared for some reason. You can contact me at koushikdutta@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Whether and it can an aaplet during set time to start other program?

yellowjournalism said...

I just downloaded and I was still able to press screen buttons while the screen was powered off. This was mentioned here as a bugfix for How did I manage to reproduce it in the latest version?

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the excellent program.

Is it possible to show next alarm time in S2U2 correctly?
Now changes becomes visible on S2U2 screen only after soft reset.

Zahir said...

Hi, I am a newbie, just one question.I tried to install Klaxon and nothing happens. I copied the installation file to the root and tried to run it, all that I see is the setup path in Opera and the installation does not start. Any ideas on how I can fix this issue?

Anonymous said...

I am running the version on Samsung Omnia.

I have found an issue, when I update a alarm, e.g. remove Sat from the alarm, the list of alarms display is not updated to reflect the change