Post 10: Not Just a Windows Mobile Blog Anymore


I just got my T-Mobile G1 this morning. Initial thoughts from a developer's standpoint:


  • It's not Windows Mobile.
  • Richer UI development tools.
  • Android Market


  • It's not Windows Mobile.
  • Java. (C# makes Java look like Corky from Life Goes On)
  • No MSDN.

I'm going to be switching gears and doing primarily Android development until Microsoft figures out how to ship a real mobile OS.


Entee said...

Does that mean that you are going to move away from Windows Mobile development?

Koush said...

I'll be doing both, but shifting my focus to Android.

Michael said...

It was a good decision. There seems to be more brighter future for Android than for Windows Mobile, because of its open sourceness like the last few years have shown already.