Sensory Overload


A few days ago I published the Managed OpenGL ES wrapper. As a proof of concept, I went so far as to create a simple game for the HTC Touch Diamond that utilizes the G-Sensor, Nav Sensor, and the 3D hardware capabilities of the device. The end result is a simple "Asteroids" type game I call Sensory Overload.

The game is simple:

  • Move the ship by tilting the device.
  • Don't run into an asteroid.
  • Blow up the asteroids into tiny pieces.
  • When an asteroid spawns (it will be faded out), you have 5 seconds to get away from it before it can hurt you.
  • Rotate the Nav sensor clockwise to fire a bullet.
  • Rotate the Nav sensor counter clockwise to fire a spray of bullets. You can only use this special ability once every 5 seconds.
  • Asteroids spawn every 15 seconds.

This is mostly intended as a demo or proof of concept to provide other developers starting ground to create their own amazing games for the HTC Touch Diamond.

Known Bugs:

  • Small asteroids are hard to explode. The bullets travel "through" them between repaints, so they never actually collide. I may fix this in the future.

Click here to download the full source to Sensory Overload.

Click here to download the Sensory Overload CAB file to play the game.


l3v5y said...

Great idea!

I'm guessing that tilting the device probably moves the craft around? (not actually said!)


Koush said...

Yep. I just updated the post to include that in the instructions.

Edward Ott said...

that is so cool

masa said...

Nice demo. We can think to get better in the few month :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Koushik,

please let us know ( whether you release new games. Thanx ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Koush,
Is their any chance that you could make an application that could turn the camera light on and off and be able to assign it to a button on the htc touch pro. Thanks in advance. Ed

yn rajasekhar said...

Hi Koushik,

Is there any way i can test this app in an emulator like the one that comes with Windows mobile 6 SDK ( i don't have actual windows mobile device)

Thanks & Regards

Anonymous said...

can you modify this app and remap firebutton to volume for use on touch HD? that would be great!! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow This is really great work! It runs really smooth on my Touch Pro. This has sparked my enthusiasm to work with openGLES!