Klaxon Bug Fixes - New Release

Spent some time fixing Klaxon bugs today:

  • Fixed bug where Klaxon immediately closes because it thinks it was shook when the alarm starts (bug in HTC G-Sensor being initialized). I haven't experienced this myself, but I think that is what is happening from the indication in the various logs I received.
  • Fixed bug where disabling an alarm does not actually disable it.
  • Made Home Screen integration optional: The "My Windows Alarm is firing with Klaxon" bug/issue is tricky. This is happening because I tried to integrate Klaxon alarm with the HTC home screen. I am enabling the Windows in the registry to achieve this, but since this goes around Windows, the alarm never actually gets scheduled and should not fire; but apparently for some people it is. To get integration working properly, do the following:
    • Disable all Windows alarms.
    • Start Klaxon, and turn on the new setting to enable Home Screen integration.
    • DO NOT USE WINDOWS ALARMS ANYMORE! DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT THEM! OPENING THAT FORM WILL CAUSE WINDOWS ALARMS TO RESCHEDULE THEMSELVES! Using Windows alarms while trying to use Klaxon integration is what is causing the problem. If you must use Windows alarm with Klaxon, I would turn home screen integration off.
  • Klaxon now restores your original volume after the alarm is shut off.
  • Clicking the alarm now opens the Edit form.

Click here for the updated version of Klaxon.


Anonymous said...

Hi. There is a bug that occurs, if the sound level of the phone is set to "Vibrate", and an alarm goes off. When you turn off the alarm (not just snooze), then the sound level is set to "Silent". Please fix? :D

And by the way, thanks for an alarm that is way better than the standard Windows one! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, and sorry for my poor english.... U can share your code? i'm trying to make an intrusion alarm and i has some troubles with timers that i supose that u has implemented in your code.

Thx for advanced

Maurice said...

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for this great app, it works very well!
What I would like to know is if it is possible to set the default alarm volume. I am using my phone in a dock wich is connected to a speakerset and this thing is very loud. Since I wake up quite easily it would be great if I could set the alarm volume at a lower level.

Hope you can do anything with this.

Kind regards from the Netherlands.


Anonymous said...

This alarm clock is fantastic, I use it every day now. You should really think about putting some new feautures, like for example the volume level, or the incremental.
You should also improve the design of the off and snoose button. You can use a slide button for example like in the iphone. Anyway thank you a lot. ENRICO

Anonymous said...

bug with integration with Home screen

i followed your instruction but then when from home i tap on the alarm icon the pda soft resetted transferring the setting of the klaxon alarm to the Win one
on Htc Diamond...

it would be great:
-htc home integration (without bugs ;) )
-better graphic ui

The rest is awesome!

Kiran Amin said...

I have installed Klaxon on HTC P3300 with WM6. The only problem I face is that I cannot select the file to play as the lower part of the Alarm Screen is not visible on my phone and there is no scroll bar to go down.

Can you please fix this problem either by making the graphics small or providing a scroll bar.

Thanks in advance

Karel said...

Hi, thank you for great piece of app!

I am using it on my new HTC Touch Pro (Raphael).

The only thing I see problematic is the home integration. I followed your advices. Turned off all the Win. allarms and then dicked the box in your Klaxon. It only integrated one alarm (kinda) - when I opened the win. alarm I saw the Klaxon settings there. I am using two different alarms - one for working days and one for Sunday. Only working days were set.

Koush said...

You didn't follow the directions! Don't open the Windows Alarms! Only one Windows alarm slot it used for Klaxon Home Screen integration.

Petter said...

Thanks for a great program!
Have an idea for an future update thou..
Flip to turn snooze off, should only work when alarm is active and not all time..

Keep up the good work! :D