Omnipresence Preview

Ok, this is a very early release just for people to check it out. I've mostly been playing around with compression algorithms and investigation of VNC at the moment, so the UI hasn't changed much from the original screen shots. There's a lot of little issues I know about, the primary ones being the inability to unlock a locked machine and being able to click/drag. Anyway, feel free to leave feedback.


  1. Verify you have .NET 3.5 installed on your computer.
  2. Verify you have .NET CF 3.5 installed on your device.
  3. Unzip the ZIP file into a directory.
  4. Copy the CAB from the ZIP onto your device and install.
  5. Run Omnipresence.exe on your computer. Start the server.
  6. Run Omnipresence from your device. Type in your IP address/host and hit connect.

Simple instructions:

  • Double tap to zoom in and out
  • Use the HTC Diamond Nav Wheel to smoothly zoom in and out.
  • Drag your finger along the screen to pan.
  • Click and hold to send a right click to the remote machine.
  • You can enter full screen via the menu. You can leave full screen by pressing the center rocker/nav key.
  • I recommend downloading GSen to support screen rotation (I removed it from my app, why do it when someone else does it better?)

Have fun!


This release only has the Windows Mobile Client and the Windows Server.


Pete said...

I worked fantastic for me. I used gsen, however I wasn't able to send mouse clicks. Is that still being worked on or am I missing a setting. The visuals were fantastic, and user-friendly. I have a strong feeling I maybe replacing an app on my Diamond. A sweet logo would be nice for an icon to match the name.?.?.?

Koush said...

That's strange. Single Mouse clicks most definitely work for me. What kind of phone are you using? What operating system is your computer? Does your user account have administrator access? Does sending keyboard keys work?

adminhdblog said...

Fantastic WORK!!!!
we have write for you 2 big article on our blog.
thank you... said...

please Koush... how can i contact you? have you an email?

Koush said...

You can contact me as koushd on AIM. Or at

Marc said...

Just tried it and it works perfectly!! i was running a game in my computer and when i open the game window it lags a lot in the mobile but i guess this cannot be fixed. Also is there any way to make a "right mouse click?"


DaveHami said...

Absolutely tremendous. Well done

Coen said...

Hey this application sounds great.

I followed every step precisely, when I press connect I get the following error-message:

Error while connecting: EndOfStreamException

I checked my IP atleast a million times.

Can you help me?

Anonymous said...

I am now up and running. I needed to install the latest .net 3.5 patch. I agree about the visuals although I am having issue trying to left click. How is this done? I can right click ok. Also how do I type. Keyboard entry not recognised on server. Thanks Roger

ragnarok said...


can you upload it to another server??


kannan said...

Can you please please please, port this to Android? If not RDP at least just the VNC viewer?

Btw, I thought your Superuser/Shell apps were malicious after reading the user comments. But after seeing your blog and website, I think it's unlikely.

You are doing a fantastic job with your apps. Thanks.

Just curious, will the apps always be free? Do you charge for the Winmobile apps?

Koush said...

Omnipresence does not use the RDP or VNC protocol (they're not very bandwidth effecient when only viewing a subset or compressed image of the screen). I may end up porting this project to Android; it has been of some interest to me.

And yeah, comments on the Android Market are generally uninformed and misleading. :)

For more information regarding Superuser, you should check out this thread: