Omnipresence, at least that's what I'm calling it. My Windows Mobile Remote Desktop Replacement.


Has been a busy weekend. I've been working on a new Remote Desktop/Device type application that is built with mobile devices in mind. I've written the code such that it works on any platform that supports .NET. All the platform has to do is know how to scrape a screen shot, send a mouse click, and send a key click. This made the Windows and Windows Mobile clients and servers trivial to implement.

I've leveraged some of the cool sensors on the Diamond obviously: changing the device's orientation rotates the target screen to match. And the Nav wheel is used as a zooming function, similar to Opera!

Note/Update: This client does NOT work with Remote Desktop. It is a complete replacement for both the client and the server. It uses a completely different protocol, is a platform independent application (well, theoretically it is since it is written in .NET), and very mobile device friendly.

I realize this may disappoint some, but I have absolutely no desire to reengineer Microsoft's protocol. The current RDP Windows Mobile client has two problems:

  1. The WM6 RDP client is very mobile device unfriendly. You can't zoom, finger pan, and you have no idea where you clicked. On many devices, it does not even work. Microsoft supposedly has no plans to maintain it.
  2. Logging in via Remote Desktop locks your screen. I want to be able to use my phone as a true "remote". For example, managing songs playing on the computer, doing power point presentations, etc. Locking the screen is not what I want to happen in these scenarios.

I did not start writing this with plans to have it be an administration tool in mind. Internally, I've actually been using Omnipresence to connect to an Omnipresence server, and then use Remote Desktop on the server to access any other machine that does not have Omnipresence installed.

Screen shots for your viewing pleasure:





Full Screen




Remote Typing

Emulator connected to HTC Touch Diamond

Full Screen + Zoomed In


Windows Desktop connected to HTC Touch Diamond


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