Omnipresence Beta 1

Finally had a free weekend to work on Omnipresence again. I got a good amount of stuff done:

  • Panning and Zooming do not suspend screen refreshes.
  • Panning the screen does not tax your bandwidth as much. Tuned the compression algorithms to handle it intelligently.
  • Fixed a bug that cause the the screen to "jump" if you panned or zoomed repeatedly.
  • Implemented right click. Click and hold to send a right click.
  • Gave click events tactile feedback: they now vibrate your phone for a split second. This feature can be enabled and disabled in the menu.
  • Implemented several compression techniques. The "best" one is used every frame. Still investigating further tuning of loss-less compression.

Upcoming Features:

  • One of the unmentioned features is that Omnipresence can support multiple clients/viewers at the same time. I need to add a status panel that shows all the current clients on the server.
  • Password based authentication.
  • "Observer" mode. Someone who connects with the specified observer password can only view the session, and not interact.
  • The ability to toggle how double clicks are handled: send to server or client zoom. Right now double clicks are never sent to the server, and that is annoying!
  • Improve on the tactile feedback, by supporting more types.
    • Audio Notification (a customizable beep)
    • Visual Cue (a cross hair that appears where you clicked)
  • Have the client retrieve "larger" than screen dimension images to support faster panning when bandwidth is not an issue.
  • Implement client pacing: the client should intelligently pace its frame requests so it is never waiting for a frame. It should always be either decoding or receiving a frame.

You can download the latest Omnipresence Beta here. Instructions on how to install and use Omnipresence can be found in the original preview post.


Pete said...

I have to apologize, it does work fine. This is more responsive, and graphically appealing then most of the similar apps. Impressive, I had a couple of remarks, but want to make sure I don't stick my foot in my mouth again. Keep it up man, this is very good work.

P@2dy Inc. said...

Your app is really fantastic - hope it won't stuck @ beta1!
It should be an RC1 soon ;-)

l3v5y said...

It's been working great on my Prophet with it's limited screen size, and ageing processor!

But, I have a few requests/queries:
1) If the client fails to connect to the server, could there be some form of error? (with windows firewall on, I couldn't manage to connect via WiFi, but the client gave no error at all...)
2) Ability to send key presses as well as mouse clicks - being able to type using a devices keyboard/SIP would be brilliant!

l3v5y said...

Okay, forget the bit about ports, got it working through Firewall! :)

Also, I discovered if I break the connection e.g. turn of wifi or similar, I do get an error message!

Koush said...

You should be able to type using the SIP and keyboard; it works for me. Are you an admin on your computer? Do you have user account control on?

Anonymous said...

This looks great and I was keen to try this out when I stumbled across it. Unfortunately I cannot get the app to install to my PC. It errors each time. I have installed .net 3.5 and am running XP Pro. Is there something obvious I need to do? Not sure what from the error log you might need.
Thanks Roger

Anonymous said...

Does it work with samsung omnia?

marco said...

how can I move items (like icons) in Omnipresence?
I try like win xp, but I have a screen moving... :(

there is a solution? I hope yess.
Excuse me for my english!

Anonymous said...

is there anyway of reducing the server to the taskbar?

it is an extremly useful app just would like to hide it so i can have it in the startup folder!



Anonymous said...

Does a new version of the program exist?