Klaxon: Windows Mobile G-Sensor and Light Sensor Enabled Alarm Clock


I mentioned a post ago that I was working on this. Well it's getting close to completion, and wanted to provide people something to give some feedback on. Right now the finishing touches are in the artwork. Beyond the first screen, the buttons and artwork are really ugly!

You can download Klaxon here.

Using Klaxon is pretty straightforward; it's more or less like the standard Clocks and Alarms application.

G-Sensor Instructions:

  • Flip your phone over to snooze.
  • Shake your phone to turn the alarm off.

Not yet implemented:

  • Artwork (I need to create pretty images to use for buttons)
  • Turn off the alarm if the light comes on in the room (using the Light Sensor!)
  • Turn on the phone light for 15 seconds, so you have a chance to turn off the alarm before it goes off.


Anonymous said...

Hi Koush,

Thanks for your good app :)

I have a comment is for more humanity. It should be:

- Flip your phone to turn the alarm off.

- Shake your phone to snooze.

And if the app and support multi alam (Difference time to alarm just like the WM6 alarm)

What did you think? Thanks again for you do in Diamond. :)

Broker said...

Great application.

Let me tell you some improvements I think this will make your app better and more usable.

Let enable/disable alarms in an easy way, like tapping on the list or using a popup menu.

I will try your app today and I will come back with some improvements for sure...

And one more question... May you release the source code as well ?

Keep it up !

Jackal said...


Giving this a try tonight so will let you know how it goes. I like how easy it is to set up and the fact you van add a few alarms. Only things I would like to see is volume control (if it is separate from the phone volume) i.e. if the phone is on silent the alarm can still be on loud. Also maybe the ability to have the alarm increase in volume.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Koush,
It is a great application. Tried the first release because it was exactly what I missed on my Diamond. Unfortunately it had that little problem (no go...) when the screen went off. But you fixed that very quickly. And I agree that it needs a better 'looks' but it already does a great job. Thanks again. Keep going.

The Netherlands

FeliXV said...

Nice works !
if You want French translation :

New = Nouveau
Menu = Menu
Name = Nom
Enabled = Activé
Time = Heure
Days = Jours
Sunday = dimanche
Monday = lundi
Tuesday = mardi
Wednesday = mercredi
Thursday = jeudi
Friday = vendredi
Saturday = samedi
*(no cap for days, week become by Monday - lundi)
snooze = extinction temporaire
Expire = Jusqu'à
Audio Delay (seconds) = Délai audio (secondes)
select a sond file = sélectionner un fichier son

Edit = Editer
Delete = Supprimer
Setting = Configuration (Config.)
About = A propos
Exit = Quitter

Peter said...
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Wilfrid said...

great clock but I seem to be blind - how can I change the values of 'snooze', 'expire' and 'Delay'?

I'm lucky to find out that I can stripe UP und DOWN the numbers of the alarm clock. But any kind of touching the other values will only increase the numbers :(
May be there is any other possibility to change the numbers - but as I said: I must be blind...
Thank you for any idea :)

BrunoCr said...

Great app !!! and taking great advantage of Diamond abilities :D

Do you plan a internationnal version ?

The ability to make the alarm sound progressive to gently wake up would be great :D

And maybe add a way to simply enter the time with virtual keybord instead of typing to increase/decrease (wich can be boring).

Keep up the good work :D

Anonymous said...

Great app, I wish I could download it. Its claiming you have exceeded download capacity for the day :-(

Stefan said...

From now on this is the only alarm I'll use :)

I have some requests:

1. Support for 24H time format. People who are not used to the 12H format will be a little confused at first.
2. It could be great if it is possible to enable a default sound in the config. This way you don't need to do it when you create a new alarm.

Thans again for this great app!

@~ said...

Very cool alarm. Would you be interested in linking it to GPS? I would use it for my morning commute - when I get close to my stop, it would wake me up and I'd get off the bus.

What do you think?


Shane said...

Samsung Omnia support?

Koush said...

Yes, it supports the Samsung Omnia as well now. Click the Klaxon link on the top to see a full list of posts regarding the application.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!
great application and it works great on my diamond!!

if you need spanish translation send me a mail to: east_man@mail.com

Anonymous said...

just flashed a new rom in my htc

first thing i installed after that
was klaxon. great app.

Toddie said...

Hi Koush,

thank you very much for this nice and useful app. It works good on my new HTC Diamond 2.

Greets from Germany!

Danny said...

Very nice job! Is there any way to make the alarm sound even when my Omnia is set to Silent/vibrate (which is typically what I switch it to at night)?
It looks like the built-in WM alarms let you choose this as an option, so I didn't know if you were thinking about it.

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