Woe is Me

I've got a ton of stuff I want to blog about, but man, I can't seem to find the time. This post is mostly just a mental note of stuff I've been working on or want to write about in the near future:

  • Object Models, XML, XSLT, DataSets, SQL, and how to make them all play nice on Windows Mobile
  • Extending the XSD tool to customize code generation
    1. Supply an XSD
    2. Implement/Override a "CodeGenerator"
    3. Generate a custom object model really easily (Let's face it, the XSD tool sucks)
    4. Profit!?
    5. (And write an MSBuild task and do all your coding in XML and the process is automated)
  • "Smart" key navigation within a form - This is an algorithm I wrote that analyzes the controls on your form and computes the best destination control given a source control and a navigation event (up, down, left, right, scroll). It's very handy in that I never need to write any key handling code; it always works, no matter the size, layout, or contents of the form.
  • Texture Loading Problem
    • Consider the following:
      • OpenGL/Direct3D textures can only be 2^N by 2^N in dimensions (let's refer to them as "square" textures)
      • Actual user textures may be any dimension (let's refer to them as user textures)
      • Loading a user texture into a square texture results in wasted memory due to empty/unused space
    • Challenge: Write an algorithm that takes user textures and creates a mosaic inside square textures to waste as little possible space.
    • Difficulty: Make it fast on a mobile device.