Klaxon += New Features


  • Added options to disable each sensor action while snoozed. For example, if your Flip action snoozes your phone, and you don't want to let it resnooze while snoozing (by just picking up your phone in some cases), check this box!
  • Added the ability to select a Windows Media Player playlist. You can find playlists in your \Playlists or \Internal Storage\Playlists folders. You can use Windows Media Player on your desktop to create and sync playlists.
  • When you snooze your device, the screen is automatically turned off to save power.
  • The default sound file is now \Windows\Alarm5.wav. It is not configurable in the UI yet, but you can configure it manually setting the \HKCU\Software\Klaxon\DefaultSoundFile value in the registry. (It does not exist by default, but Klaxon will use it if it is there.)

Download here.


Anonymous said...

Toshiba G900. Add and edit function generates error:"Error while loading skin. Resetting to default skin." and program exit. Other functions are working well.

Anonymous said...

HTC Touch Pro/Raphael - add and edit functions "Error while loading skin. Resetting to default skin" and program exits. Regards, TC Singapore

Anonymous said...

HTC Touch Pro/Philip - New Alarms always on home-screen with the time new alarm was generated and not the alarm time. At specified time, no alarm. What can be wrong ? thx. Ph. Belgium

Karel said...

HTC Touch Diamond. Completly crashed. I tried to edit a alarm but program crashed when I touched the two buttons on the left on the bottom of the screen. Just turn device off and on and everything was ok. But after a third time everyting is black except the start button, time etc. Dit a soft-reset but didn't help. The start-button and the time/connectivity buttons aren't responding to anything.


Glenn said...

On HTC Touch diamond using Shine Light 2.4 the Klaxon alarm is not very stable!

Two mornings this week it didn't start the alarm :(
But, when I unlock my phone then the alarm starter about half a second after...
So, if we need to phone to be unlocked for the alarm to even sound - then it is no good! :/