Klaxon 2.0


Oh man, I'm tired, so I'll make this quick.

New features:

  • If you have a 480x640+ screen, you will see the new UI. It's pretty. Still have to skin the alarm form, but besides that, it is done.
  • Possibly fixed bug where Klaxon would stay resident in memory.
  • The number controls are now gesture based: you can flick them and they will scroll through their range quite rapidly!
  • You can now preview the alarm using the play button. (Only available in the new UI)

To Do:

  • Time localization (such as 24 hour mode).
  • Volume control.
  • Figure out a way to turn off the backlight, but also not allow the device to go into sleep mode when snoozing.
  • Fix sound looping issue.

Thanks to expo7 from XDA-Developers for the UI design!

Download the new Klaxon here.


Guest said...

Nice piece of work! Integration of Transcriber/Keyboard could be more beautiful, but apart from that: really nice!!! :-D

Thx alot...

guest said...

Oh I forgot to mention, that the alarms aren't shone in SecondToday anymore... It would be nice if you could check that, when there is some time...

FéliXV said...

we are talking about your's great soft in french forun

vicott said...

Hi, the software hanged my device everytime I press the arrow button when I create a new alarm but forget to select a sound file. Can you show an error message instead when there is no sound file selected?

Also, I am unable to create any alarm. After seting up a new alarm and pressing the tick button, the main list still shows empty.

Btw, I'm using HTC Touch Pro.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nice work - is it possible to add 24H clock support.

Maxio said...

Hehe... Nice one man. Cheers!

A few minor things though:
-The alarm plays the wav. file once only, not good as standard Windows Alarm-Beep only beeps four times.
-Klaxon's loading time (e.g. when starting up from standby mode) could be a little faster.
-Where's the vibration to go together with the alarm? XD

Thanks man, you the best!

Anonymous said...

this alarm is awesome, it works on all my pda's with wm6, however...

if I may suggest a few improvements, when you make more then 4 alarms, they do not scroll when you go off screen, so you cannot access an alarm that is not on the screen anymore. and it should have an alarm clear option to clear any hung up alarms in the scheduler, when the device crashes, it can keep notifying you of long past alarms... also sometimes when you disable the sensors, it still responds to shaking it XD, but that's not a big issue, I rather have it enabled to have over 1000 alarms since I prolly need them to keep track of stuff. Keep up the good work though!