GVoice 1.2 Update

GVoice 1.1 isn’t even out yet (still waiting for Microsoft), but I figured I’d prepare an update the page with what’s waiting in the pipeline for users:

  • Switched to using the standard “tilt” animation found in Windows Phone lists.
  • Voicemail playback highlights the transcript word by word, as seen in the Google Voice web interface.
  • Mark as Unread
  • Search is snappier
  • You no longer have to enter a number during login; instead, a list of all valid phones linked to the account is shown.
  • Fixed issue with texts and voicemails being accidentally clicked too easily when scrolling.


I said...

Your app is great, by far the best google voice client on Windows Phone 7. But I do have one minor complaint. The tile icon for your app looks fairly awful. I have no idea how the sizing or placement of the logo works but I can imagine it looking quite a bit better if the logo was grayscale and shrunked by ~10 pixels both height and width. This would leave room for the app title on the bottom and notification count on the top.

Like i said its just a small complaint. Otherwise this app is amazing. Thank you fr all your hard work.

- Aaron

Koush said...

Thanks Aaron, I am planning on having s professional designer redo the icon and logo.

Anonymous said...

What a nightmare!