GVoice 1.2 Push Setup with GVMax

Go to http://www.gvmax.com and create an account with your Google login credentials.

After that is complete, click the “Active Monitors” button.


Then check “Send Http Post notifications” and enter the following into the following into the POST Urls:




That’s it!


neilam said...

Any idea when v1.2 will hit the marketplace?

Bryce said...

I haven't even seen the v1.1 update yet =/

Is your application still "stuck in workflow"?

Koush said...

Unfortunately, yes, it is still "Stuck in Workflow" as the Microsoft CSR put it. I have been emailing them almost every day asking for an update, or an idea what the hell is going on...... it's been 22 days now.

Beyond frustrating. Sorry guys.

neilam said...

Thanks for the update, and thanks for the great app. I really like v1.0 so far.

George said...

I'm excited for v1.1 (especially the updated conversation sorting) - great work, Koush!

Bryce said...

I noticed that gvoice v1.2 just came up on the marketplace today, but it isn't available to me as an upgrade. Are those of us that purchased the app just boned, and we have to repurchase it?

Koush said...

Wow... I knew Microsoft would manage to drop the ball yet again. My original submission got "Stuck in Workflow", and they asked me to resubmit under a separate application to "work around" the issue. I even noted my concern that this may leave existing paid users stranded.

I would happily refund you guys if I could, but there isn't even any develop access to the payment system, even to see if anyone has even purchased the application. The entire application purchase process is such a joke.

Bryce, I am sorry, but you will need to repurchase I guess. I would refund you, but I literally, can not.

To read more about the ridiculousness that has happened the past two months with GVoice, you can see my previous blog entry here:

Bryce said...

Well, I downloaded the trial version of GVoice to use until I got a chance to bother Microsoft support about refunding my money (then upgrade), but I can't seem to get the push notifications going through GVMax.

The application performed the automatic setup of the filters for my Gmail account, and my Voice account is set up to forward to my Gmail account, yet nothing comes through. I realize that you're not a developer for GVMax, but I thought you might have some insight on the issue. Thanks for any light you can shed on the problem! :)

Koush said...

Bryce, feel free to email me at koushikdutta _at_ hotmail.com so we can debug this.
You can also use the older instructions found on this blog in case GVMax is not working.