Command Line Image Shrinker (shrinkimage)


One of the most tedious things I seem to do on a regular basis, for both blogging and developing, is downloading an image off of Google Image Search and shrinking it. Having to do a scale a lot of images to a similar size can become really annoying. I ended up writing a command line tool to shrink an image given a percent or a maximum dimension. Probably won’t be useful for many, but who knows!

Grab shrinkimage off of GitHub.


Amber said...

convert scale 50% test.jpg smaller.gif

convert resample 50% test.jpg lowres.jpg

mogrify resize 300x200 fixed.png

etc. etc. also allows to reduce colors, posterize, optimize, normalize, watermark etc. etc.

what's new? imagemagick, one word

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Anonymous said...

If you use any Linux with the Gnome desktop, you should be able to use the nautilus-image-converter plugin so right-clicking on a group of images will let you resize/ rotate in one operation.

Brandon said...

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