Back from Hawaii!

The deafening silence for the past week on my blog was due to my being in Maui! It was a great trip overall.

High point: I swam with a 4 foot long sea turtle.

Low point: I let someone convince me that the Road To Hana was a good idea. I am pretty sure that Road To Hana is actually the largest man made fractal. Here’s my artistic rendition:


The scenery and such is unbelievably beautiful, but not even that can offset the nausea that sets in after the 300th hairpin turns on the highway. Here’s an actual satellite image of a typical 1 mile stretch of road along Hana (tile this image 40 times for actual representation):



Amgad said...

lol, this should be called the roller coaster to hana

emil said...

i want to go to there