DeployFu – A .NET Platform as a Service

I’m a huge fan of AppEngine and Heroku. And though I can hack up Rails and Servlet code, I’m through and through a .NET developer. Sadly, there is no viable equivalent service for .NET.1 So, like any software geek would do, I took up creating my own. I figured, if I wanted it, chances are, other people need it too.

After being knee deep in Erlang for three months, I have a working product. Introducing DeployFu:


I’m very happy with the progress so far, and am now porting over all my AppEngine projects to DeployFu, one of which processes around $8k a month in payments.2

Here’s a quick overview of what is available so far:

  • Runs on Amazon EC2
  • Automatic load balancing and elastic scaling of web applications across multiple instances
  • SSL on all * domains.
  • SSH to your application
  • ASP .NET (Mono) and Pylons3 support
  • Shared MySQL database instance

Right now, during the beta, the service is completely free. Eventually, there will be a free tier and a pay as you go tier.

Sign up, try it out, and leave me some feedback on the forum!

1 Don’t get me started on Azure. It’s impossible to figure out how much you will be billed. There is no git workflow. Management is a pain.

2 A PayPal IPN endpoint and licensing service for my Android applications.

3 It actually supports Manos, Rails, and NodeJS, but the platform support for those is unsupported or incomplete.