Push Notification Setup for GVoice on Windows Phone 7

Have GVoice 1.2 or later? Please click here for really easy instructions!

First of all, thanks for using GVoice! I hope you enjoy the application!

Overview of How Push on GVoice works:

Push is done on GVoice by forwarding a copy of all your text and voicemail emails to the GVoice servers. The GVoice server will then notify your phone of the new message. (Privacy is important. So the message is never stored on the server, once it’s received, it is immediately sent to the GVoice phone app and no log or copy is saved.)

First, to receive push notifications on your phone, put GVoice onto your Home Screen.


Verify that you have push enabled in GVoice’s Push Settings menu. It is not on by default (due to Microsoft’s developer guidelines).

To test that the application can properly receive push, click the following links to send push notifications to your phone:

If the previous test worked, let’s set up your Google Voice account to send notifications to your phone through the GVoice service!

To set up your mail and voice account for GVoice, first let's open your Google Voice account and set up your forwarding settings:




Disable SMS forwarding to your phone, or you’ll get two copies of the SMS and two push notifications: One that shows up for the regular Messaging app and one shows up for GVoice.




Now, forward your texts and voicemails to your email address. Also disable Voicemail Text notifications.




Now, all your messages are being sent to your email. Let’s set up your email to forward them to the GVoice servers. First let’s add your unique forwarding address. Your unique address is:

Unique address not available. Please open this page using the link provided in the GVoice app Push Settings page.




You will be asked to activate the new forwarding address, but do not worry about it. The email will be automatically activated by the GVoice server.



Let’s filter the emails we want to send to GVoice, we don’t want all your mail!



txt.voice.google.com OR voice-noreply@google.com

in the “From” filter.


Forward these emails to the forwarding address provided.



Whew! You’re done!


joe said...

I'm curious- what about having people just add their unique gvoice email address straight into their Google Voice settings (Voice Settings, add email address...)

Would this be unworkable or disadvantageous for some reason?

Koush said...

Unfortunately, that "add email address" thing is only for voicemail. Need to forward SMS too.

joe said...

Gotcha! Just saw the app preview vid and it looks awesome! So excited you did this-- Google Voice with push will be a killer app for WP7. I'm chomping at the bit to pay you for it...

er, uh, about the start screen icon... hmmm... :-p

Koush said...

Yeah, I gonna change the orange background to something more neutral. =p

Nick said...

Great app! Hope to see it on the marketplace soon!

Anonymous said...

When do you expect this to hit the Marketplace?

Koush said...

Soon, hopefully. The first submission was rejected due to back button behavior not conforming to their guidelines.

joe said...

Personally, I always hope that applications like this are designed to integrate as much as possible visually into to the OS. Especially because people will want to pin your live tile, I think they'd prefer your tile color conform to the theme color they've set. (You see people complaining about apps with set-color tiles in the marketplace reviews.) Why not jus use a large metro voicemail icon with a small google voice logo in the corner, for example?

Koush said...

Don't worry guys, the live tile and icon now respect the theme. :)

Michael Ho said...

When adding IQT0YMZI1REE0RJG0Q0YWM, it says address is malinformed. Do I add @gmail to it?

Koush said...

Oh my! I left off the domain on my blog:


Refresh the link you were sent and you will see the full, proper, email address!

Michael Ho said...

Fixed! Thank you, so much! Push, toast notications and tile updates. Wow!

cortez said...

i'm doing the try-before-buy and wanted to know if the push notifications and tile updates will work without purchasing. i've configured my gmail account according to your directions but have not received a push/toast notfication for my test emails. thanks!

Koush said...

Push notifications are not enabled in the trial version.

Koush said...

Furthermore, you need to text yourself somehow (you can do it from the google voice web interface to your own google voice number). Emailing yourself to your unique email address will NOT work.

craig.smikle said...

I'm sorry, I just don't see where we find our unique forwarding address. The one in this post is just an example, right?

craig.smikle said...

Never mind, it just hit me that that really was my unique code, generated from the link.

Koush said...

1.1 is coming guys :)

Halloween said...

How come i can't call with Google voice with this app, i tried both selected a contact or entering the number but no dice... Any ideas?

tribal said...

I am able to receive the text message with notification but can't send test message.
(windows phone)

Anonymous said...

Koushik help out bud, I am unable to send the messages out of the app
however I can receive after gv setup directions u provided. I haven't tried the calling will post here again Thanks

Wil said...

I am able to recieve SMS but can not send. Depending on what Google Voice account I use changes the my outcome. With my original Google Voice account I created when I got my invite years ago, SMS works boths ways but push notifications do not.
Now with a new Google Voice account I just recently created Push notifications work flawlessly but the send SMS does not work.
Very strange and I can not put a finger on it.
I tried another Google Voice client from the Market Place and everything works fine. I prefer GVoice though right now and want to get this working.

Wil said...

Calling from the GVoice app does not work for me either. I forgot to mention this in my ealier post.
Any help or suggestions for my issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

i just bought the gvoice app for my win7 phone ,, i cant seem to setup my account on the phone , i dont know whether to enter my gmail username and pass or what the problem is.
can anyone help please