Have Your Cupcake and Eat It Too


Google released the Android 1.5 SDK today. They also pushed their internal Cupcake branch upstream to the main Android project! I sync’d up my repository and started the build. I ran into an issue with lib0mxCore.so not being found, so I patched the build process to pull it off the device. I’m not sure if that is the right solution; but it builds and runs!

The immediate differences I noticed: the UI scheme has changed significantly. It looks considerably better than before. The soft keyboard seems to be out of the prototype stages and is fairly usable as well.

Click here for a zip file containing the Cupcake images. I recommend also downloading the cupcake scripts I wrote up to flash to a phone or run in an emulator.

To flash to a phone using my scripts on a Windows system, extract both zip files into the same directory and simply run while your phone is in fastboot mode [0]:


To run the emulator, you must have the Android SDK:


The directions are similar for Mac/Linux (flash-mac.sh, flash-linux.sh)

[0] To start up in fastboot mode, you must have a rooted/dev phone and the engineering bootloader. Turn your phone off, hold camera, and press power. Then connect your phone to you computer and press the Back button.


Jason D. Clinton said...

Is Google still restricting access to their proprietary apps like Gmail and Maps?

Unknown.soul said...

Currently they are not in this build.

Great work Koush, but I won't be using this build due to the lack of Google apps.

Anonymous said...

I'm Going to try some methods to get apps in there because no market.

shell said...

i only have ubuntu :(

how can run *.bat

crazysm KAI said...

Hey, I've put my eyes on Cupcake for pretty a while, I own a G1 (rooted), but I am not a pro player, is Google officially release build of Cupcake or just a SDK 1.5 ?

How could I learn to coding on G1, I know a little bit Linux, C, and database, but no experience on mobile programming, nor Java practise.


Chris said...

@shell, use the .sh scripts instead.
Just cd to their directory and then type "./blahblah.sh"

@crazysm KAI, try going at http://developer.android.com/, downloading the SDK, building the first HelloWorld app etc