Windows Mobile Unified Sensor API heads to CodePlex


At the behest of the development community and colleagues, the Windows Moble Unified Sensor API is now hosted on CodePlex. I will continue blogging about the changes on my website of course, but all the releases and source code must now be retrieved from CodePlex! (CodePlex is pretty awesome by the way... it has support for multiple source control bindings, and the web client repository browser is fantastic. (I use CodePlex for Windows Mobile stuff, and Google Code for Android. It makes sense in my head. [0])

In the following weeks, I intend to do the following:

  • Reexamine the implementation (and possibly even the current interfaces) so it is easier for manufacturers to build devices that can leverage the dizzying array of sensor enabled software that already utilize the Sensor API.
  • Clean up the HTC implementation.
  • Add support for capacitive touch panel to the HTC implementation with the new reversed engineered headers provided by a reader of this blog.
  • Create a few tutorials.
  • Add a FAQ to the CodePlex wiki.

If anyone else is interested in contributing to the Sensor API project, please let me know!


[0] The decision on whether to put the Android Mono port on CodePlex or Google Code was a tough one. :)


crafty said...

Nice one Koush. Looking forward to support for the Diamond's capacitive panel.

RobCamer said...

Fantastic. Thanks for posting this to CodePlex!

Steve Mac said...

Would you consider providing an API for the LEDs on our beloved devices?

BTW, thanks for all your effors, it is really appreciated.